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We're not your typical sign company! The GRS passion is to accentuate your brand with exciting sign solutions that create value to your business objectives.  Click on a category below to view the many different branding solutions that Grand River Signs offer.

Grand River Signs is your trusted partner

to deliver unique and effective business sign solutions designed to grow your business.

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About Grand River Signs

Feel the Grand River Signs Energy

When we say that we are not your typical sign company, we mean it! We almost consider ourselves to be a marketing firm rather than a sign company... well almost. The problem is that we love signs. We love the infinite design possibilities of signs. We love the installation of signs. We love the new sign smell!

Our passion is to deliver exceptional value that exceeds our client's goals and expectations. We achieve this by being responsive; trusting; and providing uncanny communication.

Every project is delivered on the principles of:

  • trust
  • creativity
Try the GRS difference today and get a taste of our energy.

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Creative Services

Don’t have artwork? Don’t have time to learn Adobe Illustrator? Don’t Worry!

Not every business can afford a marketing department so you can rely on Grand River Signs Graphic Design to help with your graphic design or layout. Looking for fresh ideas or a new look? Grand River Signs Graphic Design Services can help you build an image that will get you results. We have experience with:

  • logo development, logo creation
  • graphic conversion to vector format
  • graphic layout and graphic design
  • design ideas and inspiration

We have helped many clients create images and signs that are unique, eye catching, informative, and results driven. Stop worrying! We are here to HELP. Give us a call! 616-425-9477

Stay in Touch

Keep up to date with marketing tips, advertising ideas, trade show display offers, signage examples... the GRS Behind the Scenes Blog is full of juicy stories of how signs are created (from design to delivery). Read about the pros & cons of certain signage vs. others. Be inspired by the work we complete for our happy clients.